SMH Half Marathon 2014

A near perfect autumn morning greeted the HuRTS team for the S.M.H Half Marathon what has become the unofficial ‘championship’ race that draws huge numbers and is only bettered perhaps by the City to Surf.

Meeting place was the popular Stone Gates and after the usual photos, banter, and 8 toilet stops to settle [...]

Andy Heyden – 100k race report

Great experience being part of the England team, course was a tough little circuit, 2.08k per lap with plenty of undulations. Weather was cool and clear and felt good so set out at a good pace and held 4.15-4.20 per k for about 65k. Was fairly lonely as the runners spread out around the course [...]

The importance of Base Training by Hanny Allston

A very well written article on the importance of having a strong aerobic base before you engage in fast anaerobic sessions to avoid injuries and systemic acidosis.

Max Cherry, Barry Magee, Arthur Lydiard, Dick Telford and Hanny probably know what they are talking about!


Albie Thomas 1935-2013

Australian distance running legend died on Sunday:


Melbourne Marathon & Half

Hardly a month goes by without yet another jaw-dropping performance from Laura James. As if last month’s win at the Sydney Half Marathon wasn’t enough for Laura, it actually just turned out to be just a training run for the main event in melbourne where Laura ran amazingly consistent splits to smash all predictions with [...]

Berlin Marathon 2013 Results and some reports

Some highs and some lows from the squad running Berlin Marathon.  That’s marathon running for you:

 John Bartlett:  2:36:05 (PB)

Enda Stankard:  2:44:11 (PB)

David Williams:   2:45:48

Chris Truscott:  2:46:26

Renaud Herington:  2:47:17 (PB)

Mark Milligan: 2:49:13 (PB?)

James Highnam (Tom’s brother):  2:49:36 (PB)

Dr Skins: 2:54:24 (PB)

Charlie Dalziell:  3:03:01 (PB)

Greta Truscott:  3:04:19 [...]

Andrew Tuckey’s UTMB Report

Great read from Tucks. Showed real guts and determination.

City2Surf Wrap 2013

The 2nd weekend in August with the Sun shining, Clear skies, 85’000 people towing the start line and Enda out with his 1001 excuses it could only mean one thing? Yep, the annual pilgrimage to Bondi and the City to Surf was on again.

No surprise to see a massive turnout from the HuRTS boys [...]

Special Offer for HuRTSquad from Protein King

I was talking with David Katz, the owner of Protein King (mutual friends) about HuRTS and he has set up a promo code for us to get free Sydney delivery on all orders over $99.

Get your Gels, drinks, powders delivered to your door. Simply use the code “hurtsquad2013” at the checkout.

If you’re secretly [...]

Dr Skins Gold Coast Report

Some brlliant running at the Gold Coast weekend with big PB’s from Tom and Barts breaking 72 mins, Laura running sub 79 and Anna F and Sam Towill sub 80. Outstanding running!

Dr Skins had a crack at a sub 3 marathon. Enjoy the hyperbole:

Could not have asked for better starting conditions for the 2013 Gold [...]