SMH Half Marathon 2014

A near perfect autumn morning greeted the HuRTS team for the S.M.H Half Marathon what has become the unofficial ‘championship’ race that draws huge numbers and is only bettered perhaps by the City to Surf. Meeting place was the popular Stone Gates and after the usual photos, banter, and 8 toilet stops to settle his nerves for Chairman Tommy Highnam we all made our way to the start line. It’s a fast start this race, with most of the first […]

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Andy Heyden – 100k race report

Great experience being part of the England team, course was a tough little circuit, 2.08k per lap with plenty of undulations. Weather was cool and clear and felt good so set out at a good pace and held 4.15-4.20 per k for about 65k. Was fairly lonely as the runners spread out around the course within a few laps although I started lapping other runners soon and shared a few words each time After 65k the two main hills staring […]

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