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How Did HuRTS start?

It seems that the history of HuRTS is shrouded in mystery. It is said that one day during a pain in the domain session, some of group one were abducted by aliens, and after hours of inappropriate probing, they returned to earth. But, they were no longer of this world, and with the abduction came the ability to run like gazelles, leaping over other runners as they went. This of course displeased the other runners, and they were banished from pain. Saddened, all they could feel was hurt, and from that day forth, vowed that pain would never again be enough. They had to be free, and find others just like them, so that they may run in a herd, free and happy. It is also said, that if you listen closely as they run by, you can almost hear the sound of a fierce galactic battle being fought light years away.

HuRTS Now.

The HuRTS squad trains every Tuesday and Thursday in the Sydney CBD, with recovery runs often organised on the other weekdays. There are over 300 runners that get the regular emails, and session numbers can exceed 30 close to big races. There is generally around 10-20 on most Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a range of abilities. We have 31/32 minute 10km runners up to  low 40’s 10km runners, although they don’t stay low 40’s for long. 

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  1. Hello-
    My team and I are coordinating the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay -a corporate relay race Wed March 16th in Sydney, with each corporate team of 10 runners completing one mile each. The team achieving the fastest cumulative time for 10 one-mile laps will walk away with $10,000AUD for the charity of their choice. There is a large after party included providing an opportunity to socialise and network with members from other companies.

    We were wondering whether you might be interested in sharing the event on your site/email/social channels. It would be great to get your involvement in order to generate as much awareness and interest in the event as possible, and encourage corporate runners to get on board!

    Let me know of your thoughts on the above, and any ideas you may have.
    Thank you! Cheers, Isi

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