Andy Heyden – 100k race report

Great experience being part of the England team, course was a tough little
circuit, 2.08k per lap with plenty of undulations. Weather was cool and clear
and felt good so set out at a good pace and held 4.15-4.20 per k for about 65k.
Was fairly lonely as the runners spread out around the course within a few laps
although I started lapping other runners soon and shared a few words each time

After 65k the two main hills staring hurting, a short sharp pinch up left my
calves in pain and then the short sharp drop down left my quads screaming and I
had to endure this another 16 times ! My pace dropped off and Inevitably my lap
times started slipping from 9 mins out to 9 mins 45 seconds.

I was hoping to run about 7 hrs 20 mins best case but revised down once I had
done a few laps and seen the hills.

With 8 laps to go I knew i needed to dig deep to hold on to sub 7 hrs 30 mins.

I overtook one of the Welsh team in the latter stages moving me up from 9th to
8th overall and was buoyed when Courtney shouted out that I was winning the
‘veterans’ category (over 40’s)

Two laps to go and I needed to dig deep to hold the sub 7.30. I managed to run
a 4.38 pace penultimate lap and then somehow a 4.16 pace final lap to finish in
7 hrs 29 mins 16 seconds.

A PB by 10 mins on a tough course. Members of the England team were 1st and 2nd
with a Scottish lad third overall. I was 8th in the british championship and
part of the winning England team.

And the irony is I got sunburnt !!

Overall results can be found here


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