Ben St Lawrence Olympic Fundraiser

HURTS RAISES $4,700 for Ben St Lawrence!!

The Olympic dream lives on.

Last night over 150 the HuRTS squad members, along with friends, family, work-mates descened upon the Randwick Labour Club to play what was arguably one of the hardest Trivia games ever played.There were fantastic prizes on offer, thanks to some generous sponsors:

  • 2XU gear worth $300 supplied by Vlad from his popular 2XU store in Paddington
  • Massage from Gary Howard aka ‘Easy Tiger
  • Massage from Jackie’s Sports Massage
  • Running Technique assessment from our very own Masters World Champion Keith Bateman.
  • Performance Coaching from Andrew Sparks from Sparkselite
  • Signed Michael Hussey Jersey & Mini Cricket Bat from Commonwealth Bank
  • 2 Brumbies Jersey’s from Macquarie Bank
  • $75 worth of drink vouchers from the Randwick Labour club, they also waived the $500 fee for use of the venue
  • 8 Free entries to the Blackmores Sydney Running  Festival for the Winning team
  • Ben Saint Lawrence, the current 10k Australian record holder,will also provide signed running memorabilia.
The night got off to a shaky start. There was some early confusion at the bar – an order for a glass of Pinot Noir saw the barman counter offer a glass of Shiraz from a cask. A compromise was soon found  and after some pre-race hydration everyone soon settled into a steady rhythm of race reports (Gold Coast seemed to be the topic of choice), trash talk (much less than usual, Timmie must have had a better offer) and Trivia Team rivalry.
The questions had been hand picked by the Quiz master David Kane (above), although given the number of times Tree, Dirty Tree or Turd were mentioned, I think chairman Tom had some fun with questions for our enjoyment. Dave was eagle eyed throughout the night, with a hefty price paid by those who dared pick up their iPhone – a $20 on the spot fine for cheating. Some people were of course just saying goodnight to their loved ones via SMS , kids, partners, sick grandmothers in hospital – pathetic excuses all of them. Stevie Thurston (The Enforcer) was soon by their side to collect, baseball bat in hand.
Raffle prizes were drawn throughout the night, with many people picking up fantastic prizes.
However, there can only be one winner. Subject to doping control results, the winning team (see photo below) was comprised of:
– Emma Jamieson
– Aine O’Connell
– Angus Boyd
– Indrajeet Aich
– Jonathan Fenton
– David Ingram
– Leigh Oliver
– Brian Farrell
Although rumour has it that Indrajeet, Angus and Emma led the pack whilst everyone else just slip streamed for an easy win.
A HUGE thanks to Dave Kane and his crew for organising such a great event for a worthy cause. Looks like the standard has been set for the HuRTS end of year Gala event…. Stay tuned.

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