City 2 Surf Results

Congratulations to all who ran. Timmy Lindop has compiled a list of HuRTS finishing times below. Please comment if we have left you out.

Tim’s own race reoprt can be read here

Some of the HuRTS times that i gathered from yesterdays race:
Andrew Tuckey 47.24
Terence Bell 49.08
Richie High 49.10
Dickie Green 49.56
Jason Ibrahim 50.14
Richie Palmer 50.35
Enda Stankard 50.50
Mark Smolonogov 51.03
Adam Conquest 51.20
James Everitt 51.27
Timmy Lindop 51.35
Dom Jackson 51.35
Michael Killicoat51.50
Mike Race 51.53
Pete Walker 51.59
Paul Lynch 52.30
Angus Boyd 52.31
Anthony Briggs 52.50
Hamish Mountford 53.40
Anna Fitzgerald 54.33
Jono Woodhouse 54.49
Indrajeet Aich 55.26
Elvis Costello 55.51
Max Dahl 57.05
Craig Wiseman 58.00
Sonya V Beek 58.33
Christian Ellis 59.10
Greg Cassis 66.01
Mark Causer 86.00 (run with son)

John Bartles ( somewhere on Heartbreak Hill)
David Kane ( little bit of Jetlag – bless him)
Mikey Conway (Sneezed once and doesn’t like the cold weather – who can forget the North Head Episode:)


2 thoughts on “City 2 Surf Results”

  1. Craig Raymond says:

    61.26 (next year sub 60!)

  2. Melissa says:

    I feel sasiefitd after reading that one.

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