City2Surf Wrap 2013

The 2nd weekend in August with the Sun shining, Clear skies, 85’000 people towing the start line and Enda out with his 1001 excuses it could only mean one thing? Yep, the annual pilgrimage to Bondi and the City to Surf was on again.

No surprise to see a massive turnout from the HuRTS boys and girls for this one and with perfect conditions and with the squad in fine form it was always going to be a morning for a few PBs over the tough 14ks.

A good warm up before around the stone gates area with the tension mounting by the minute, then a jog over to the start line with plenty of ‘Hello’s to every second person in the ‘Preferred Area’ as we gathered for our final race plans.

We were soon away to the normal fast start as we tried to settle early. I tucked myself onto girl in form Anna Fitzgerald then joined soon after by Swim Mentor Pete Walker, and Super Kev, Got a blast from a big booming South African voice of Anthony ‘Ronnie’ Biggs of ‘C’mon HuRTs lets smash this hill before the start of Heartbreak’ …. And that was basically the last I saw of them as they powered ahead. Labored my way up over the hills but was lucky (for me anyway) that Anna was also having an ‘Off day’ as she never got away from me at any stage. I never really picked it up at any stage even coming down and finished with my slowest time in about 12 years with a 53.47

Some super fast times from the team with old Warhorse Chris (C.T) Truscott running in his 47th straight City to Surf storming around in 46.14 for 28th overall and claiming 1st HuRT home for the day. Barts had bragging rights over the Chairman Tommy H for the day not far behind to round out the top 3. Other great runs to break the magic 50 minutes were from Rich Palmer, Enda Stankard, David Sharp (2 minute PB), and James ‘Kenny’ Everett,

My run of the day though must go to HuRTS #1 girl…. Lady Laura James who was 5th female with a cracker of a time of 50.37, just beating Smolly home by the smallest of margins as we put the ‘CHICKED’ asterix beside his name.

Other notable good runs that gained some members a solid PB for the day were, Charlie “Warrior’ Dalziell (25 seconds), Renee Simon (85 secs), Anthony ‘Ronnie Biggs (28 secs), Jeet Aich (72 secs) and Jamie Stewart (80 secs), Craig “The Kilted Scot” Wiseman (3mins), Dr Skins (2.5 mins)

 Times for the Day (sorry if I missed anyone)

 Chris “C.T” Truscott            46.14 (28th overall)

John “Barts” Bartlett           46.36 (32nd overall)

Tom “Chairman” Highnam   46.42 (36th overall)

Ben O’Brien                            48.34

James ‘Kenny’Everett        48.47 (PB)

John Denavi                         49.17

Richard Palmer                  49.22 (PB)

Enda ‘Echinacea Stankard 49.26 (PB)

Jamie Stewart                    49.33 (PB)

David Sharp                        49.44 (PB)

Jason ‘Gangster’ Ibrahim     50.08

Richard Green                    50.12

Laura “lady” James              50.37 (PB – 5th female)

Mark ‘Smolly Smolonogov     50.37 (chicked)

James Lambert                    50.38

Glen Sauer                          50.55

Dominik Dumaine                 50.57

Phil Woods                          51.06

Kevin ‘Super Kev’ Branagan   51.11

James Taffy Lad’ Matthews    51.37

Angus Boyd                         51.51

Alex ‘Claude’ Van Nale         51.53

Peter Walker                       52.28

Anthony ‘Ronnie’ Biggs        52.32 (PB)

Sam Towill                          53.19

Anna Fitzgerald                   53.25

Paul Lynch                          53.36

Geoff Cooper                       53.38

“Young” Timmy Lindop    53.47

Indrajeet Aich                     54.12(PB)

Greta Truscott                     54.39

Craig Wiseman                   54.43 (PB)

Dr Skins                              54:59 (PB)

Peter Bickerton                   55.03

Charlie “Warrior” Dalziell   55.33 (PB)

Frik Dreyer                          55.39

Champ Phetiam                   55.40

Eleanor Rau                         56.56

Paul Pommie Birch              56.56

Peter Schurch                     57.13

Brendan Krone                    57.15

Jesse ‘”Apprentice” Todd    58:59

Sonya Van Beek                 59.15

Richard Salmond                 59.55

Renee Simon                      61.49(PB)

 Also congratulations to the HuRTS TEAMS who took out both the open and over 40 trophies – with the OPEN boys ofBartlett. Stankard and Biggs winning by over 9 mins and the older (wiser) HuRTS pensioners (Woods, Cooper, and Lindop) took gold as well.

 Overall a great day out and many thanks to ‘The Chairman’ Tommy Highnam for the post race drinks once again where we all refreshed our dry throats well into the afternoon.

 And finally – Photo of the Day, must go to popular HuRTS member Enda Stankard who will go to any length to get his ugly mug on the T.V. With winning female looking as fresh as a daisy giving her post race interview with channel 7, Dear Enda looked like he had just been shot in the background.

Check it out – priceless


Quote of the Day – Beside being first HuRT home John Bartles also came out with this pearler “ You can tell that Welsh Boy Andrew “Tucks’ Tuckey that we have raised the bar to another level and that he will struggle to handle both Tommy H and I when he returns”

I’m saying nothing on that one.

 Fashion Crime of the Day – Champaign Charlie Low for his Flared Jeans that were on show yesterday in the Allen’s tent – what were once in fashion in 1974Champaigndecided to try to rejuvenate nearly 40 years on …. Oh dear me, what was he thinking?J



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  1. Kenny says:

    A couple more great runs from Ben O’Brien (48:34) and John Denavi (49:17)

  2. Bruce Tomlinson says:

    Another PB
    Bruce Tomlinson

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