IAU 100K World and European Championships

Last night HuRTs marathon and Ultra marathon machine, Andy Heyden (once known as “English” Andy but now known as “True Blue Aussie” Andy) pulled on the green and gold for his country (again) and ran in the 100k World Championships in Seregno Italy. In overcast conditions, and perfect 12 degree running temperatures, Andy and his team-mate Brendan Davis took on 220 runners from 36 nations for 5 laps of a 20k course.

The race was won in convincing fashion by Giorgio Calcaterra from Italy in a mind-boggling 6:23:20 (average 3:49/k) who was a full 5 minutes ahead of Jonas Buud from Sweden (6:28:57). Calcaterra’s time was equivalent to 2.4 x 2 hour 41 minute marathons back to back (who said ultra runners don’t run?).

Brendan Davis stormed through the field in the second half of the race coming from 31st at the half way mark to finish 11th in 6:55:28 (a 36 minute pb) – the 4th fastest time for an Australian ever (1 minute quicker than the great Yannis Kouros) and the fastest time by an Australian since 1995.

Andy overcame a hip injury to finish in 8:07, a very credible 81st position in a very competitive field. Great work Andy!


2 thoughts on “IAU 100K World and European Championships”

  1. Marc says:

    Amazing running Brendan & Andy. Great stuff guys, keep up the training heading into Korea next year!

    1. Bert says:

      Good point. I hadn’t thghuot about it quite that way. 🙂

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