Indrajeet at the Boston Marathon

You may have just heard reports about 2 massive explosions at the finish line. 2 people dead and plenty more injured as I type this. Just a quick note to let you know that I am OK, I was back at my hotel (which is well away from the finish line) when the explosions occurred. Now this puts my leg pains in perspective. Please spare a thought today to the dead and wounded. 

April 16, 2013 05:31 AM To: Aich, Indrajeet+ Subject: Boston Marathon Short summary here, as I am absolutely wrecked. I completed the marathon in 3:06:21. Unfortunately, this is not the sub 3 hour time I was hoping for, but I guess one positive is that it is still a PB by just over 3 minutes. The course is lovely but definitely a lot more challenging than the elevation charts and YouTube videos suggest. Its basically a series of rolling uphills and downhills, more than I bargained for. Early indications of trouble occurred around the 10 mile mark when my right hip flared up. Somehow managed to fight my way through that temporarily but in hindsight I expended more energy than I was planning. Then I started cramping around the Newton Hills (17 mile mark), the least ideal spot on the course for that to happen. But I came over the hills in reasonable shape somehow and by 21 miles I was still a 50-50 chance to break 3 hours. But during the first of the downhill kms post the hills, my leg muscles on both legs started to go into spasm, which naturally slowed me down. With around 5km to go, my sub 3 hour goal was shot, my legs were aching and it was just a case of hanging on and trying to beat my Gold Coast time from last year. The crowds were absolutely amazing, they got me through some tough patches. Weather was as close to ideal as one could expect, so no excuses there. Time now for rest and recovery.

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