Subscribing to the Email List

Whilst the calendar on the right hand side shows the training sessions, there are emails that adivse of last minute changes and other information as needed.

To join the email list click here then enter your email address and click Subscribe.

Google will then show you a ‘sign in’ page. Ignore this and close the window/tab.

You will then receive a confirmation request at the email address you entered. Click on “Join This Group” in the email and you are done.

Your request will be approved by an administrator and you will be ‘on the list’.


6 thoughts on “Subscribing to the Email List”

  1. Marcus Faoro says:

    Hi guys,

    Can you add me to your email list, please ?


  2. Christopher Strom says:

    Can you please add me to the e-mail list?

  3. Geoff - Millar says:

    Hey guys,

    Can anyone tell me where OPT is for todays session?

  4. Geoff - ggeoMillagrgeiGeoff says:

    Hey guys,

    Can anyone tell me where Round-about near OPT is for today’s session?


  5. Doug Boyd says:

    Got schooled by some random guys calling themselves the Hurts Squad…sign me up, I wanna learn to move like that.

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