Race Report – Drinks at The Loft

It was a cold, miserable night at The Loft. Just the perfect weather for such an event.  Although, there was plenty of confusion at the start – largley caused by a failure to recognise squad members wearing ‘grown-up’ clothes instead of the usual lycra and coolmax running-wear. Additionally, the removal of sunglasses and hats made recognition even harder, with many people introducing themselves to people they already knew. Who knew Brendan had so much hair tucked up under that hat.

Once the initial confusion passed, and the beer began to flow, everyone got into a steady rhythm of trash talk, gossip, bravado and ultimately a setting of bets for Gold Coast. James was pacing himself well at this point on Bulmers ciders, whilst some of the others got carried away and went out too hard in the first half. Some runners never learn, although to be fair many were spurred on by the $5 Peroni’s.

There were quite a few absences, and everyone agreed that the only reasonable answer was that they were soft and didn’t want to be shamed in such an event – there’s nothing messier than an under weight, dehydrated marathon runner after 2 strongbows. The fairer sex turned up the heat in the fashion parade portion of the night, and the boys suits didn’t stand a chance.

All in all a good night, and no injuries to speak of so far. Might be worth setting up a betting page to keep track of the wagers on the table for Gold Coast – surely there’s some easy money to be had…

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