SMH Half Marathon 2014

SMH Half 2014 (2)

A near perfect autumn morning greeted the HuRTS team for the S.M.H Half Marathon what has become the unofficial ‘championship’ race that draws huge numbers and is only bettered perhaps by the City to Surf.

Meeting place was the popular Stone Gates and after the usual photos, banter, and 8 toilet stops to settle his nerves for Chairman Tommy Highnam we all made our way to the start line.

It’s a fast start this race, with most of the first 5ks downhill so everyone gets away pretty quickly, after that we get back on our home territory that is Hickson Road before the hard work starts. Past the casino and some of the backstreets of Darling Harbour and we get a good glimpse of the leaders on the way back into town.

Pleased at this point to see the Chairman Tom running well, with C.T not far behind and Fats putting in a stellar performance.

Returning into the city and its where most start to struggle but we are lifted by the crowds going ballistic and screaming their heads off mainly in the shape of Barts and Slim Sammy Agnew who was also on photo duties for the day. If the slog coming back into town is hard then heading over the Cahill Express and then Macquarie Street is just plain torture and personally I’m nearly reduced to a walk (not to mention a cry) but hang on the back of a struggling Jeet who is also in the ‘Hurt Box’

Its once you get to the top of Macquarie St you see the finish line, but oh no …… we are then detoured left to complete another section of the HuRTS training sets around Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair in the Domain. Despite running it regularly its certainly doesn’t get any easier and it really is just a case of hanging in and seeing the race out at this stage.

Once across the line it’s all happy faces (unless your Enda, where you get scraped up off the floor by Tom & Fats) as the team all come together and discuss the day’s events.

Some fantastic times out there from everyone, First home for the team was Tom Highnam who took advantage of #1 Tucks doing his ‘Walkathon/sightseeing event in the mountains over 100ks, and Barts having a spell on the sidelines to regain top spot,  Enda’s rich vein of form continues, as does Renee’s who both collected PBs for the morning.  Biggest PB of the day though goes to Erika Ekland who blitzed her previous best by over 8 minutes and with Militant Mikey Conway beside her came home in 84.05

Post race drinks were in the ‘Golden Sheaf’ and it’s here it all goes a little foggy, but it’s a safe bet to say that Tom and Enda posted there 2nd PB of the day with the amount of alcohol consumed throughout the evening.

So the HuRTS tour bus rolls on , with the next interstate meet taking us to Tasmania for the 10k race on the 15th June, before we head north in the first week of July to the popular Gold Coast Half/Marathon weekend that always draws a big crowd.

Please let me know if you are keen to go on either

Also thanks to Sammy Agnew, John Fenton, Paul Birch, John Bartlett, and Olivia for taking photos and the support around the course for the morning.

Listed below are some of the times for the day – Apologies if I have missed anyone

Congrats to all that ran


 TOM HIGHNAM            72.21
TONY FATTORINI        74.22
QUENTIN REEVE        75.17
ENDA STANKARD       75.36 (PB)


JAMIE STEWART        77.51

RICHARD HIGH          78.22


PHIL DOVE                 79.01




BRUCE LAMBERT     81.00 (PB)
ANGUS BOYD            81.14 (PB)
LAURA JAMES           82.29

PETE WALKER          82.31

TERENCE BELL         82.40

JOHN BURKE            82.49

TIM LINDOP             82.58

ERIKA JORDAN         84.05

MIKE CONWAY          84.05

SAMUEL TOWILL       84.34
ANTON YULE             84.56

JOHN CLOTHIER       84.59

SHANE RUSSELL      85.20 (PB)

CHAMP PHETIAM      85.21

CRAIG WISEMAN      86.00
SAM JOHNSON          88.15


RENEE SIMON           89.40 (PB)


GREG CASSIS          113.16



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  1. Renee says:

    Also a big thank you to James ‘Kenny’ Everett for his support and photography skills!

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