Sydney Running Festival Wrap – T Lindop

S.R.F Wrap up

 A picture perfect day greeted the lads for the many that lined up for the Half and a couple in the Marathon unlike the hot conditions we were made to suffer last year.
Was injured  so had to sit this one out although was keen just to have a little trot around for 10ks so lined up at the start and had a chat to the usual suspects Richie H, Kanser, Macca, J-Fen, Heydo’s, Enda,  HuRTS Girls Anna, Olivia,  and Olympian Benny St.
Gun goes off and i settle of cruising into my 4.39 pace and am amazed at how fast many are flying by me – they must think its a race just to get over the bridge.I have a brief chat with Billy Batt and Olivia as we cross ‘The Coathanger’ before they press ahead. Really enjoyed the run out and got to about 6ks at the Domain when i saw the lead guys coming out, Decided to stop here and get the trusted camera out and wait to see who was doing what positional wise in the race. First to fly by was Fats….alone, with J-Fen, Heydo’s and Macca in a nice little bunch, a further 45 seconds back was a puffing and looking as he’d just left the pub Kanser, and i was nearly going to ask the old lady if i could have her deckchair i was waiting that long for Enda to come out. No sign of Richie High though, and it appears that his first race since turning the BIG 4..0 was too much for the body to handle and pulled the pin all of 100 metres………after the start line.
Mikey Race (MrAce) was next out but the signs were there that he wouldn’t have a run he would be after, Elvis( Costello) on the other hand was looking good and even went out of his way to guarantee a photo by taking an extra 10 yards yelling ‘Look at me, look at me, i want in on the TRASH report’
Ambled on back down to the Quay and positioned myself up outside the Museum of Contemporary Art, and waited for the return of the boys as they then had a final 800metres to go at this point.  Didn’t have to wait long for Fats to storm though looking even stronger leaving the boys miles behind, with Macca and Heyden having a ding dong battle and one that the ‘Englishman’ got the better of. J-Fen was again next along but there was a Asian girl ahead and i think a comment made as he went by was enough to make sure he didn’t suffer the indignity of being ‘Chicked’ and out kicked her on the final 200.With the English side decimated with injuries, that forced Tom, Charlie, B’Grade, Slim Sammy Agnew and myself out and Dickie Green on Marathon pacing duties it was left to Fats and Heydos to step up to the plate, and step up they did making sure the Irish trio were nowhere to be seen.

Run of the Day – Tony Fats  72.55 say no more
Flop of the Day – Dave Kane, 76.58 talked it up all week and was upset with me when i said he couldn’t run under 76.30. Needs to lift his game if he’s to mix it with Macca and J-Fen in future and may have to curb his drinking exploits as its obvious he struggles after a night on the town.

Times ( that i know )
Fats          72.55
Heyden     74.51
Macca       74.53
J-Fen         74.57
Kanser       76.58
Stankard    77.37
Renaud       77.55
MrAce        81.07
Anna Fitz     82.45

Mr Biggs      83

Jono           84:19
Elvis           84.22
Billy Batt    87.16
Hamish       89
Olivia         89.31
Richie H     DNF ( couldn’t get his 40 year old body beyond 110 metres )

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